Saturday, June 4, 2011

What you notice when you look through what is good inside us all!

What you notice when you look through what is good inside us all!

Last week I was sitting at the doctor’s office. The appointment was for me so I was alone. I am never alone at the doctor’s office and I am always involved in my children and never truly notice what is going on around me. This day I could notice others who were not related to me and quietly ease drop on conversations, catch glimpses of others and what was going on with them. One of the first things I noticed was the elderly couples waiting and coming in and out of the office. Husbands, patient and tender holding to the arms of their wives. Two of these little ladies were on oxygen and the husbands carried the tanks carefully while taking the smallest, slowest steps. I imagined how long they had been married, had they any children? I was particularly struck by one couple who looked like they could have just returned from a safari. He wore cargo shorts, a cool linen shirt, and a jungle hat. She wore the same type of hat but in a feminine style. She had on a beautiful wooden bracelet and a large ring (the kind I like to wear). Sadly however she was in a wheelchair and he walked with a bow in his back and small slow steps. I could see how she was once very beautiful and he very dashing. Made me think of Bogart…and Casablanca.

The next scene I noticed was a little dark eyed girl who I overheard her mom saying was turning four in June. Little children usually notice me and want to play with me or talk with me but this little girl took no notice of me. Instead she noticed the elderly women. Some of these women would have scared me when I was a little girl I am ashamed to say simply because of not understanding. However, this little girl was unafraid and would walk up to these ladies and say the sweetest “Hello”. The ladies were so delighted that this sweet, fresh little flower was noticing them and wanting to talk with them. She even embraced one lady and I thought the lady would just melt right there. Then I heard her mom say how much the little girl had loved her great grandmother who recently passed away at 93. The little girl added “she went to Heaven and she loved me very much” followed by “I kissed her but she didn’t kiss me back” (This of course happened during the viewing).

I heard my name being called by the nurse and quietly slipped from the precious scenes being played out in that waiting room as I wiped a tear from my face.